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Multi-Line Railing in Aluminum

Aluminum Pipe Railing Systems, Handrail and Guardrail Applications

The Multi-Line Guardrail (Horizontal-Line Rail) system is a traditional concept which has become popular with "high-tech" designs. The ATR Technologies, Inc. Multi-Line Guardrail offers a more architecturally pleasing alternate to the normal "Pipe Rail" type systems.

Our Multi-Line railing and tube and pipe railing systems utilizes a variety of interchangeable parts to allow the creation of many different designs. Aluminum Tube Railing Technologies, Inc's system allows round or oval components to be combined with square or rectangular shapes to create a different architectural look for any of your requirements for aluminum railing process: balcony, stairs, platforms, decks beaches, high rise buildings, schools, indoor, outdoor and more.

New extrusion dies can be developed as required in order to meet new architectural designs in aluminum balcony railing or any type of pipe railing requirements. Designs unique to a given project are illustrated in multi-line railing and pipe railing systems ATR provided CAD detail drawings DWG.

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aluminum balcony railing on building aluminum Multi-Line Pipe Guardrail in California aluminum multi-line railings for platforms in California
4th Street San Francisco Horizontal
Multi-line Balcony Railings
Chino Basin WWTP Aluminum
Multi-Line Pipe Railing
Metro Passenger Platform
Aluminum Pipe Guardrail
residental aluminum multi-line balcony railings Horzontial multi-line railings in aluminum aluminum multi-line pipe railing in california
Aluminum Multi-Line
Private Residential, CA
Aluminum Multi-Line Railing
at Manhattan Beach, CA
Aluminum Multi-Line Railing
Manhattan Beach, CA
horzontial pipe railing aluminum multi-line guardrail aluminum multi-lline railing
Aluminum Multi-line Railing
Avalon Mole Area
Pipe Rail System
Chino Basin WWTP
Aluminum Multi-Line Guardrail
Avalon Passenger Que Area
roof top aluminum safety guardrail platform aluminum multi-pipe railing aluminum railing for walkways in California
Roof Top Safety
Aluminum Pipe Railing
Aluminum Pipe Railing System
at Anaheim Metro Platform
Avalon Metro pole Walkway
Aluminum Multi-Line Railings
aluminum multi-line guardrail for beach in California aluminum multi-line railings for platform in Los Angeles Cty,California
6-Line Pipe Railing at
Hermosa Beach Pier Renovation
Avalon Access Single
Pipe Railing for
Stairs, LA County
Avalon Multi-Line Metro Pole

Multi-Line Aluminum Pipe Railing Systems

Call us for your manufacturing and installation of Aluminum Pipe Tube Rail Systems. We are located in Southern California offer our railing installation services Worldwide.

Aluminum Cable Railing Systems create beauty you are looking for and the  stability of aluminum cable rail with inventive designs and details to make certain of long enduring beauty, structural reliability, while drastically reducing the cost your long term maintenance challenges. All cable railings are made from high strength 6000-series aluminum extrusions that can be cut and assembled on site using pre-engineered components that snap and screw together. Aluminum Railing Systems are easily adaptable to any project: interior or exterior, commercial or residential. Simply choose the style options that are best for your project to custom design your unique railing system.


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