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High Rise Balcony Railing
Aluminum Guardrail, Glass, Trellises, Louvers, Facades for all types of Buildings

High rise building aluminum balcony railing and guardrail applications

High Rise Building with Aluminum Railing in
Century Tower, Los Angeles, CA

Balcony Aluminum Railing-High Rise Installation Applications
high rise decorative railing
glass panel inserts for high rise buildings high rise pipe tube railings aluminum picket railing for high rise buildings
  • Conceptual high rise railing designs and ideas.
  • Consulting for railing
  • Value engineering (which mean trying to cut the cost without changing the design too much)
  • Structural calculations and shop drawings
  • Custom railing manufacturing / fabrication
  • Installation-Full High Rise Building Railing Services
  • All Glass Railing Designs

High rise balcony aluminum railing including deck railing, pool fences, and stair rails. 

Inclusively providing all services and application requirements in aluminum trellises, louvers, and facades for all types of buildings.

Aluminum Railing Systems & Applications:
Aluminum Tube Railing and stainless steel cable railing systems are ideally suited for maintenance free requirements such as decks and balcony guardrail. Our Aluminum Railing systems over 4'-0" (1.21 Meters) high produce maintenance free fencing for pool areas and site perimeters. Other ornamental design applications include glass panel railing inserts, French Rails, Trellis Structures, Fretwork, and Chair Rail.

Aluminum Balcony Guardrail Installation

Shop drawings DWG details are provided for each awarded contract. Additional instructions are provided upon request. Aluminum railing Installation by ATR Technologies, Inc. is available depending on project magnitude, location and requirements.

3 Basic Aluminum Railing Finishes

-Baked enamel offering unlimited color choices in matching all your aluminum railing ideas
-Powder Coating for railing offers hundreds of industry standardized “RAL” colors.
-Anodizing of railings is available in clear, gold, black and shades of bronze. More information is available on the Finishes page of our current catalog.

Materials and Interlocking Technology for Aluminum Guard Railings
Aluminum Tube Railings are produced from 6063-T6 & 6005-T5 aluminum alloys. All mechanical connections use interlocking technology which is hidden from view or use internal fasteners of aluminum, cadmium plated or stainless steel. Typical aluminum railing system designs utilize non-welded joints. These mechanically connected joints avoid welded construction and also avoid the "halos" or discolored areas commonly seen with anodized finishes on welded joints. When required, welded construction is utilized.

Technical Support for Your Guardrail Systems
Aluminum Railing by ATR Technologies, Inc. provides design and cost estimates, installation, shop drawings, engineering calculations, custom extrusions and additional support for your aluminum railing project as required.

Aluminum Guardrail Codes, Certification
Engineering calculations are provided as required. When specified, certified engineering is provided by a State Certified engineer for each project awarded. ATR Technologies, Inc. meet and exceed the loading requirements established by IBC, UBC, BOCA, OSHA, SBC, HUD, FHA, ANSI A117.1 and local Building Codes. Where required, your aluminum railing system is designed to comply with ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Operation, Maintenance Fee Aluminum Railing Systems
ATR Aluminum Tube Railing is virtually maintenance free. Depending on finish selected, seasonal rains may rinse off dust and debris on exterior installations. When heavier deposits are subject to occur or when periodic maintenance is required, mild detergents and warm water are generally recommended, subject to the applicator's cleaning recommendations. These recommendations vary by finish and location and are available as required for your aluminum railing system.

ATR Aluminum Tube Railing is located in Pomona, LA Los Angeles County between Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley west of Riverside and San Bernardino north of Orange County and San Diego. ATR manufacturing and installation of aluminum railing systems across USA and Worldwide.


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