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Aluminum Balcony Railing
Stair & Custom Applications

ATR's aluminum railing system is a traditional concept which has become popular with "high-tech" designs. Our railings include aluminum balcony railing, wire mesh railing with inserts, deck railing, high rise aluminum railing, stairway railing, glass panel railing with aluminum along with any and all types of custom railing designs.

Our Multi-Line rail system utilizes a variety of interchangeable parts to allow the creation of many uniques and different designs to keep you safe on a stairway or balcony. Aluminum railing by ATR Technologies allows round or oval components to be combined with square or rectangular shapes to create a different architectural look for any of your railing requirements. aluminum balcony railing, deck railing, stair railing, railing for platforms, beaches and more. Designs unique to a given project are illustrated in aluminum balcony railing ATR provided CAD detail drawings DWG.

Click on pictures for styles of aluminum balcony railing and a full variety of aluminum rail applications.
aluminum balcony railing, picket style for hotels Aluminum balcony railing with glass panels high rise alumium balcony railing
Ocean Park Inn, California San Jose State University, CA 555 4th Street, California
Picket Aluminum Balcony
Railing Styles
Glass Panel
Aluminum Balcony Railing Styles
Multi-Line Aluminum Balcony
Railing Styles
cable railing, aluminum balcony railing with ocean view Stair railing applications aluminum balcony hand style
Latte of Freedom, Guam San Jose State University San Jose State University, CA
Cable Railing Styles Stair Railing Styles Deck Walkway Handrail
curved aluminum balcony railing high rise aluminum balcony railing glass panel insert deck railing
Hotel Applications High Rise in California Glass and Aluminum
Balcony Railing Aluminum Balcony Railing Balcony Railing
  custom designed aluminum balcony railing
  Cox Center, OK

Custom Designed
Aluminum Railing


Extrusions Provide Uniquely Design Aluminum Balcony Railing and Deck Railing

New extrusion dies can be developed as required in order to meet new architectural designs in aluminum balcony railing or any type of railing requirements.Find a variety styles in aluminum balcony railing through out our gallery of aluminum railing systems with wire mesh railing and glass railing, or aluminum cable railing Since 1963.

Leading Design in Aluminum Balcony Railings

Leader in aluminum balcony railing of any type for all ideas, applications from residential to high rise railing. We will meet your needs whether they are small or big. Located between Los Angeles and San Diego north of Orange County, California. Providing design and installation worldwide.


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