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Cable Rail
Aluminum Framed Stainless Cable Railing

Architectural Aluminum Frame Cable Railing Systems for all types of Applications

ATR's capabilities utilize a variety of materials including stainless steel cable rail and hardware. Our cable railing systems are manufactured in a variety of contemporary modern cable rail styles and designs. Each style is designed to meet the demands of architects or designers setting the standards for exclusive, trendy and fashionable design. Cable Rail styles are only limited by your engineering criteria standards and building code requirements at your location. Offering trusted, reliable installation of cable railing applications, specifications and requirements including all aluminum railings.     Specification Cable Rail Guide (PDF)

Lower Cost Using Aluminum Framed Stainless Steel Cable Rail

The majority of cable rail in the architectural world uses stainless steel cables and a frame of wood, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, or even some plastics.  When considering wood, steel or stainless steel frame you may want to take in account the lower cost of aluminum as part of your cable rail system.

Technical Support for Cable Rail Systems

ATR Technologies, Inc. provides design and cost estimates, installation, shop drawings, engineering calculations, custom extrusions and additional support for your framed aluminum cable railing project as required. aluminum railing systems, Rails for high rise, parks, stairs, ramps, stairways, balcony, deck, platforms, ocean, pool indoor and outdoor, condominiums, interior or exterior, commercial or residential and more. Designs unique to a given project are illustrated in cable rail ATR provided CAD detail drawings DWG.

Stainless Steel Framed Aluminum Cable Rail Assemblies that Improve all Railing Views

Framed aluminum cable railing is stylist and comes with a variety of railing infill option for view and location of cable. Your cable rail will be strong, hard-wearing, sturdy and easy to install, virtually maintenance free a perfect balance to any cable railing design for outdoors or indoors.

Click on pictures below for larger framed aluminum stainless steel cable railing and cable rail systems images
cable rail installation for condos and apartments Los Angeles, California  stainless steel cable rail and railing system high above street level, Orange County California park enclosure with aluminum and stainless steel cable railing
Aluminum& Stainless Steel Cable
Railing Marina Del Rey, CA
The Stand Huntington Beach
Aluminum Framed Cable Rail
Aluminum Framed Cable Railing
Fontana Park in California
gate protection provided with aluminum stainless steel cable rail cable rail at university stairway cable rail installation
Aluminum Framed Gate Cable Rail
Fontana Park, California
Cable Railing at
La Sierra University
Aluminum Framed Stainless Steel
Cable Rail in Guam
stairway with aluminum framed and stainless steel cable rail ocean view with stainless cable rail cable rail provide for protection with a view at beach areas
Latte of Freedom, Guam
stainless cable rail for stairs
Latte of Freedom, Guam
Cable Rail w View
Latte of Freedom, Guam
Walkway Cable Rail

Stainless Steel Cable Rail and Cable Railing Systems Expert Design

Aluminum framed Cable Rail systems comes in a variety of applications from standard assemblies to custom stainless steel cable rail applications and requirements. If you looking for an expert in the cable rail industry we can help. Over 45 years in the aluminum railing construction industry. Design, develop and installation of extensive requirements for cable rail.

Working with clientele to construct a gorgeous and well-designed visual appearance for any framed aluminum cable railing system by means of quality materials to create a atmosphere that will bring beauty for years to come.

Aluminum Framed Stainless Steel Cable Rail Systems Horizontal and Vertical

Complete line of cable rail systems. The modern assortment of low maintenance rail offers unobstructed views for all indoor or outdoor style designing requirements. Horizontal or vertical aluminum framed cable railing is an easy clean, contemporary look any feel.

Aluminum framed cable rail is used in locations where a view of the outside landscape would be blocked by other types of railings. Glass railing provides a similar purpose even so, cable rail is replacing glass panel railings due to the lower level of maintenance. A wide variety of cable rail styles now available.

Manufacturer of Aluminum Framed Stainless Steel Cable Railing Systems

Aluminum Tube Railings is a manufacturer of aluminum framed and stainless cable railing and cable railing systems for commercial, industrial, retail, residential and accessible applications. Including decks, balcony, stairs, ramps, high rise, and more. Our framed aluminum cable railing and systems with expert installation indoor and outdoor cable railing specifications.

Since 1986 Experts in aluminum framed cable rail of any type for all ideas and applications from residential to high rise cable railing. We will meet your needs whether they are small or big. Located between Los Angeles and San Diego north of Orange County, California. Providing design and installation worldwide.


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